About Us

We believe in empowering people and organisations to have control of their data and privacy. This belief guides us in every business decision we make.

Your data has value and you should choose who has access to it. Our mission is to give control and ownership of data to people and organisations to promote fairness and transparency.

We are passionate about building great security software and solving some of the most challenging problems in the digital world. We strive to create a positive impact in society through better protection of our data while promoting responsible and lawful use of technology. We aim to empower people and organisations to be more aware and in control of the data they own.

What we do

We’ve built the only secure communications platform for both mobile and IoT aimed at organisations and individuals. We enable organisations to protect their data and build secure products by taking away the pain of regulatory compliance and security assurance. Our award winning patented software technology combining compression and encryption provides highest quality secure voice, video and other data transmission on multiple devices and operating systems.

Who we are

We are a group of passionate and dedicated experts in mobile and network security. Our team is formed of highly skilled technologists, operators, investors and entrepreneurial minds who strive to solve problems and deliver value to people and organisations. Deep technical knowledge in communications security has been part of our DNA since the founding of SQR Systems.

  • Dr. Nithin Thomas
    Dr. Nithin Thomas Chief Executive Officer

Nithin Thomas has over 10 years track record in developing and commercializing cutting edge cyber security technologies from early stage research. He is currently the CEO of SQR Systems, a company that he founded in 2010 to bring to market the technology he developed during his PhD. In this role, he has setup multiple R&D and commercial programmes and partnerships with the UK Ministry of Defence, the US Department of Defence and other intelligence and government agencies in the UK.

In his role at SQR, he has also been working closely with global defence primes, telcos, mobile device manufacturers and some of the leading financial and professional services organisations and critical infrastructure protection. Prior to SQR Systems, he was the Sales & Marketing Manager for the Global Self Services division of CSC, a global IT organisation. He then covered the role of Business Compliance Project Lead for the UK Cyber Security division of CSC. Before joining CSC, Nithin was a technical consultant for a research programme for the UK Ministry of Defence.

Nithin holds an MEng in Computer Systems Engineering and a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Bristol where he was granted a patent for his ground-breaking cyber security technology. In his spare time, Nithin likes getting involved with the London startup ecosystem through various meet-ups, hackathons and is a startup mentor at Shell LiveWire and IncuBus London.

  • Rockman Law
    Rockman Law VP Operations & Board Director

Rockman Law is a technology entrepreneur with a background in communications engineering and industry experience in technology consultancy and project management. He joined Dr. Nithin Thomas to co-found SQR Systems where he built and grew its operations. He led the Company’s commercial activities to enlist its services on key procurement frameworks such as G-Cloud and R-Cloud, and has also been pivotal to building the team by bringing talent into the Company. He has been working with the CEO on developing innovative business and pricing models to enable mass market adoption of the Company’s products. Rockman has been active in mentoring cyber security start-ups on topics such as operations, funding and resourcing at the early stages of growth. He has a keen interest in the latest trends in IoT and the implications from a cyber security perspective.

Prior to SQR Systems, Rockman worked as a technology consultant for an established UK engineering company where he was the lead technology designer for a £24M Government infrastructure project as well as managing a EU-funded R&D project. Rockman holds an MEng in Electronic & Communications Engineering from the University of Bristol. He has been a lifelong Arsenal supporter and in his spare time he enjoys reading books on psychology and leadership.

  • Alasdair Ross
    Alasdair Ross VP Engineering

With over 10 years experience, Alasdair Ross has held a range of roles within the technology industry.  Working at multiple business units of Experian – in both London and New York – he has played key roles in the delivery of successful software projects.  From developer to architect he has worked on the implementation of numerous data processing projects in a cross-section of technologies and languages.  As a technical lead, Alasdair has fostered best practices and grown teams to deliver successful projects.

Since gaining his private pilot’s licence in 2015, Alasdair enjoys escaping to the clouds in his spare time.

As a passionate technologist, he is enthusiastic about creating developer centric SDKs and growing a great developer culture.

  • Craig Dawson
    Craig Dawson Chief Financial Officer

Craig Dawson is a senior finance executive with a very successful track record in operational and corporate finance. Mr Dawson recently joined SQR Systems after serving 6.5 years at Global Strategies Group (GLOBAL), a leading provider of technology, software and systems solutions in the defence and government contracting arena.

Mr Dawson first joined GLOBAL in the capacity of Group Financial Controller, working his way up to Group Director of Finance, CFO of one of its public initiatives on the Nasdaq, and member of its Executive Board. At GLOBAL he played a leading role on two high profile inorganic growth strategies, inclusive of two IPOs on the Nasdaq (GTEC and GDEF), several acquisitions (SFA, TAC, Signature Government Solutions, Zytel Corporation, STG) and an exit to a private equity house (Ares Management). He has raised debt on various fronts to pursue growth strategies, including via private placement for a LBO in which 4.6x EBITDA multiples were raised.

Operationally he has built finance functions and structured enterprises to meet high growth demands, best illustrated by GLOBAL’s business services segment growing by a 41% CAGR over a three year period  to a revenue of $242m, before proceeding to package this segment for sale.

Prior to that he spent several years in the financial services industry working for Deloitte advising a number of public enterprises on complex financial reporting issues. Mr Dawson is qualified Chartered Accountant (CA SA) and a member of South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

  • Sir Iain Lobban
    Sir Iain Lobban Advisor to the Board

Sir Iain Lobban was the Director of the British security and intelligence agency, Government Communications Headquarters, from 2008 to 2014, having previously served as its Director General for Operations. He pioneered an integrated service of intelligence and security in domains as varied as cyber defence; counter terrorism; military campaigns overseas; and the prevention and detection of serious crime.

Cyber Security, both nationally and internationally, has been at the heart of his role in recent years: he set new direction for innovative government partnering with the private sector and with academia.

Iain is now engaged in a number of commercial roles in the UK and the US, ranging from selective investment in cyber security firms to consultancy around cyber security risk for Boards and executive leadership teams. He formed part of the independent panel of experts advising the Australian Prime Minister on Australia’s Cyber Security policies and strategies.

He is passionate about developing the specialist cyber security sector in the UK, especially helping create opportunities for smaller companies with vision, dynamism and talent. He is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of CyLon, Europe’s only incubator space dedicated to developing early stage cyber security companies.

He is a Visiting Professor at the Policy Institute of King’s College London and a Fellow at the Judge Business School of Cambridge University.

  • Jeff Parris
    Jeff Parris Advisor to the Board

Jeff started life – well business life any way – “up the poles and down the holes” as a technician apprentice in BT. That laid a foundation that Jeff has nurtured ever since and fits well with an adventurous childhood spent in, amongst other places, Ghana in West Africa.

During his early career he was responsible for building enormous Satellite Earth stations in Cornwall and elsewhere, and running the worlds first trials of satellite telephone communications for passengers on long haul aircraft. This taste for a blend of technical and commercial responsibilities led to Jeff running a number of International joint ventures involved in mobile communications. Jeff was later asked to set up and lead another JV to win a competitive bid to provide a ground breaking modern digital mobile communications service to the Police across the UK. That started the life of what today is Airwave, a highly successful business now owned by Motorola and providing communications services to a wide swathe of the public safety community. Jeff was a founding board member and held a variety of senior executive roles.

In 2010 Jeff joined the telco Global Crossing to run their Public Sector business in EMEA. In 2011 Level 3 acquired Global Crossing and Jeff stayed as part of the executive team to continue the turnaround of this business unit. All leading up to the point where in summer 2013 Jeff agreed to join Positive Momentum.

The last few years with Positive Momentum have seen Jeff helping a wide variety of organisations, big and small, as they develop their business and their people in the UK and further afield. Jeff is a very effective change agent and has enormous experience that he is keen to leverage to the benefit of others.

  • Vladimir Plotean
    Vladimir Plotean Interim Tech Lead

Vladimir has over 10 years of commercial experience architecting and developing mobile apps as well as end-to-end messaging systems. He has worked with cross-functional teams in established companies such as Nokia and Goldman Sachs where he developed enterprise solutions and mobile trading apps with multi-million dollar transactional capabilities. During his time working for major banks, he was also responsible for performing code quality reviews and end-to-end penetration testing.

Vladimir joined Sqr Systems as technical lead to provide leadership on system architecture decisions and technical decisions on mobile development.

He is passionate about new technologies especially in the areas of blockchain, neural networks and deep learning.