Ceerus IoT

Secure communications software for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Securely transmit and manage data from your IoT sensors over any network

Ceerus IoT software secures data in drones, wearable tech, smart devices and infrastructure. With no need for additional hardware, our solution can be deployed faster, easier and at a lower cost. It enables you to connect, authenticate, and exchange voice, video and other data in your devices securely and at an excellent quality for any network condition.

Secure from the edge

We ensure data security right from the sensor: either by deploying security on the sensor hardware or by providing software for add-on devices that can plug and play with your existing sensors. Data is not decrypted anywhere in the network so you get true end-to-end security right from the sensor to its destination.

Low latency & power consumption

Ceerus’ architecture is optimised for lower power consumption by offloading the compression and encryption functions to GPUs and other features of IoT chips to make it more computationally efficient. The security algorithms used in Ceerus are specifically designed to reduce latency by using low complexity elliptic curve cryptography and avoid resource hungry public key infrastructure that is difficult to scale in IoT environments.

Network agnostic

Our encrypted optimisation technology allows you to connect different IoT networks together without creating security issues by having to decrypt the data. When connecting different IoT networks, such as networks of connected vehicles and smart cities, there are different security and bandwidth characteristics between networks. Traditionally, this meant that data needs to be decrypted and re-encrypted when it passes from one network to the other, creating security weaknesses at the boundaries of the networks. Our technology enables data optimisation in an encrypted form for different network conditions. Data does not get decrypted at the network boundaries so is always kept secure.

Ceerus IoT APIs

We offer seamless sensor network scalability through easy API integrations. A pre-built SDK can be deployed quickly, containing all of our security and compression capabilities. The Ceerus APIs have been optimised for ARM-based chips and device architectures to enable development of sensor devices on widely used commodity hardware, with security and compliance by default.