Ceerus App

High quality secure voice, video, messaging and other data on any mobile device

Secure your calls and messages to protect your identity and data

Ceerus provides cross-platform secure mobile communications, whether you’re an individual who values their privacy, or an enterprise aiming for regulatory compliance.

Ceerus for you

Ceerus, available for iOS and Android, enables you to talk securely and protect your privacy. It’s modern and easy to use. We ensure your data is safe: voice, video calls and messages are encrypted right from your device, in transit and storage.

Ceerus for your organisation

Your organisation can use Ceerus for secure internal or external communications. We believe in giving control of the data to the organisation that generates it to enable easy compliance and security assurance. It’s never been easier to set up a secure communications system quickly without having to worry about deploying expensive server infrastructure. We offer a variety of licensing options and provide integration and support services.

Ceerus portal for user management and subscriptions

User management & subscriptions

All Ceerus users and licenses are managed in the Ceerus portal. Add and remove users or reallocate licenses within your organisation. Ceerus licensing is fully flexible and allows your organisation to pay for only what you need at any given time.