Ceerus Mobile

High quality secure voice, video, messaging and other data on any mobile device.

Ceerus is a secure communications platform offering mobile apps and secure communications management services to enterprise.

The Ceerus app provides cross-platform secure mobile communications for encrypted voice, video and messages. Ceerus app is available for iPhone and Android. Ceerus uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, so with an active subscription there is no additional cost to securely communicate with your colleagues.

Deploy apps, not infrastructure

Ceerus is now available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Our UK based cloud infrastructure allows you to set up a secure communications system quickly without having to worry about deploying expensive server infrastructure. Set up user accounts for just £10 per month and get unlimited use of Ceerus.

Build custom apps with our APIs

The Ceerus SDK provides an open architecture full-stack solution for your secure communication applications. Our goal is to totally eliminate the need for writing security and networking code and make it easy to deploy secure communications apps and infrastructure.

With the Ceerus SDK, you can create a fully custom app that is built around our security and compression APIs, while allowing you to customise the app by adding additional modules for security and communications functionality. Each app can have a fully custom look and feel. Your app can use all of the Ceerus features to remain standards compliant and fully secure end-to-end.

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Deploy Ceerus across your organisation

Our integration service enables development of a custom version of Ceerus that runs on an organisation’s existing IT infrastructure. Our volume licensing options provide integration and support services while hosting the server infrastructure within the organisation’s premises. This enables the organisation that owns the data to have full control over it, while ensuring the security and usability features of Ceerus are available to all its staff.

We use Mikey-Sakke – the latest standard for key management, promoted by the UK government – to ensure maximum flexibility in how an organisation can deploy and manage key management infrastructure.

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Easy user management and flexible subscriptions

The Ceerus online portal allows users to manage all of their licenses from a single website. Add or remove users or re-allocate licenses to users in the same or different organisation. The Ceerus licensing model is fully flexible to allow users to pay for only what they need at any given time.