The need for secure communications cuts across a variety of industries that need to protect their vital intellectual property and customer information, and so do the solutions provided by SQR.

Simply being able to securely communicate between two people used to be enough.

But today’s users also care about the quality of the communication and the ease of use. With a simplified experience for the user and end-to-end security with ease of deployment for the enterprise, our latest secure communication technologies are improving the experience for everyone.

Defence and Intelligence

Our combined compression and encryption technologies are being utilised to securely connect a variety of users over disadvantaged networks. And in the case of battlefield applications, that means enabling Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) devices to access information, facilitate the use of commercial networks, increase efficiencies and better connect to information assets.

Critical National Infrastructure

Whether it’s monitoring a high value asset in a remote location, or communicating from remote terrain, SQR technology can enable more secure and reliable connections in places that are difficult to reach. From intelligently managing the quality on unreliable networks, to low power platforms that manage and support connected sensors throughout an organisation’s infrastructure, SQR’s secure connectivity solutions are powering the networks that protect and connect critical national infrastructure.

Public Sector

We’re taking the future of mobile securty to usher in the next-generation of BYOD solutions. By leveraging our mobile solution, which is currently undergoing CPA certification by NCSC, we’re connecting public sector workers with easy to use, affordable secure mobile solutions. Through Ceerus, we’re moving the entire public sector towards a future where secure communication will be the norm — ultimately reducing costs and complexity for procurement. Ceerus enables secure and reliable voice, video and messaging on a choice of low cost cloud-based hosting or dedicated on-premise infrastructure.

Professional Services

Mobility is life without limits — it’s the freedom to do more, from virtually anywhere. True mobility starts with connectivity and security to communicate safely from anywhere. Ceerus is enabling security of day-to-day communications within financial services, legal and other professional services to ensure that the valuable IP and customer data is always protected throughout the organisation.

Technology Media and Telecoms

Where some people may just see a wireless signal, we see an opportunity to create much more reliable, secure and efficient communications. That’s why we’re working with some of the leading telecoms providers to maximise, security and quality of voice and video over IP for commercial networks, and designing future security and communications standards that can manage and protect the growing number of connections people rely on every day. Whether at home, at work, or out and about, our combined compression and encryption technologies can deliver secure and quality optimised voice, video and messaging practically anywhere.

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