Research & Development

SQR Systems is deeply passionate about defining the future of mobile and network security. Enabling communication where not possible before. We are dedicated to finding real solutions to deliver that promise every day.

Research and Development has always been a part of SQR Systems’ story and is at the very heart of what we do.

With IoT devices and mobile phones talking to one-another, self-driving cars working together to save lives, drones surveying lands near and far, and low-earth orbit communication networks, it seems that brand new challenges in mobile and network security are arising every day.

We work with the industry to bring new solutions for secure, reliable communication into the smallest devices possible. We also take great pride in being key innovators in region-based compression and encryption technology. Making the best use of the bandwidth available in some of the most challenging networking environments in the world, whether that be the Sahara desert, outer space, or the 16:43 to Birmingham New Street.

Communication standards

From our first project when we had just founded in 2011, to our latest commercial products, we have always believed that open, interoperable standards are a key part of building the future of communication infrastructure.

SQR Systems has always used widespread standards for encryption and data compression, as well as ensuring the use of open communication standards. Ensuring our technology can easily be included in existing systems, and that new solutions to future challenges can be built up from it.

SQR Systems is a founding member of the Secure Chorus initiative. An organisation dedicated to standardising an interoperable approach to secure enterprise communications.

Custom Product Development

Can SQR Systems’ technology help with your challenges? We offer software for a range of platforms and networks. Our encryption and compression technology can be hosted on the cloud, or integrated as part of an existing infrastructure. Whether you’re using mobile devices, IoT hardware, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or satellite platforms, SQR Systems’ products can easily be customised for your requirements.