Truncatis IoT

Integrate, manage, secure and transmit data from your IoT sensors over any network

Devices, places and people are becoming so inter-connected that data is constantly exposed to the risk of cyber attacks.

At SQR, we connect the unconnected with an open-standard, integrated architecture from the cloud or private infrastructure to end devices with exceptional quality and security. Our embedded software platform provides an SDK to help you easily and quickly secure the data from the hardware device or sensor for transmission on any network. This enables your devices to connect, authenticate, and exchange voice, video and data with our combined compression and encryption protocols that enable constant optimisation of the data for network conditions without breaking the encryption. We can ensure the best user experience without compromising end-to-end security.

Fully customisable

The SQR embedded software platform is an IoT development platform that puts power in the hands of developers to create secure wearable tech, smart devices and infrastructure faster, more easily and at lower cost, and shorten the time to market.

Our open architecture implementation provides the ability to customise the platform that allows modular implementation of new features and functionality.

Standards compliant

We use Mikey-Sakke – the latest standard for key management, promoted by the UK government – to ensure maximum flexibility in how the key management infrastructure is deployed. Through strict compliance with widely used standards for compression and data transmission, we ensure maximum interoperability with existing infrastructure.

Power Consumption

We provide industry-specific solutions that can improve productivity and operational efficiency today, while laying the foundations for¬†tomorrow’s IoT opportunities. With a tiered architecture optimized for performance, optimized power consumption and memory utilization and footprint, the SQR embedded software platform is built to drive secure drone communications, medical technologies and other applications.

Cross platform

We are constantly developing on new platforms that can offer a better user experience and operational benefits such as lower power consumption and higher computational power. Our cross platform code-base allows us to quickly respond to the rapidly changing trends in the IoT by allowing our tools to be deployed on any hardware platform with minimal effort.