About Us

We believe in empowering people and organisations to take control of their data and privacy. This mission guides us in every business decision we make.

Your data has value. We make it your choice who accesses it.

We are passionate about building great security software and solving some of the most challenging problems in the digital world. We strive to create a positive impact in society through better data protection while promoting responsible and lawful use of technology. We aim to empower people and organisations to control the data they own.

What we do

We’ve built the only secure mobile and IoT communications platform for both organisations and individuals. We enable organisations to protect their data and build secure products by taking away the pain of regulatory compliance and security assurance. Our award-winning patented software technology, combining compression and encryption, provides the highest quality secure voice, video and other data transmission on multiple devices and operating systems.

Who we are

We are a group of passionate and dedicated experts in mobile and network security. Our team is formed of highly skilled technologists, operators, investors and entrepreneurial minds who strive to solve problems and deliver value to people and organisations. Deep technical knowledge in communications security has been part of our DNA since the founding of SQR Systems in 2010.


  • Dr. Nithin Thomas
    Dr. Nithin Thomas CEO & Co-founder

Nithin is the CEO and co-founder of SQR Systems who has a proven track record in delivering technology programs to multinational organisations in heavily regulated sectors, ranging from Defence and Intelligence to Financial Services. Nithin serves on the Standards Committee for Secure Chorus, an industry body established for development of interoperable secure communications standards. He actively promotes the use of open standards and technologies that empower people and organisations to have better control of their data and privacy. Nithin holds a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Bristol, where he was granted a patent for his research on optimisation of encrypted video data for poorly connected networks.

  • Rockman Law
    Rockman Law VP Operations & Co-founder

Rockman has worked for over a decade providing technology consultancy and project management to Government in Defence and large-scale technology projects in the transportation industry. Before co-founding SQR Systems, Rockman was a Technology Consultant working with clients in the UK, Europe and Australia. He holds a MEng in Electronic & Communications Engineering from the University of Bristol.

  • Craig Dawson
    Craig Dawson CFO

Craig Dawson is a senior finance executive experienced in operational and corporate finance. Mr Dawson joined SQR Systems after spending 6.5 years at Global Strategies Group (GLOBAL), a leading provider of technology, software and systems solutions in the defence and government contracting arena.

  • Sir Iain Lobban, KCMG, CB
    Sir Iain Lobban, KCMG, CB Advisor to the Board

A three-decade security and intelligence professional, Iain spent the last six years of his career as the Director of the UK’s largest intelligence and security agency GCHQ. He is credited with spearheading the execution of the UK’s first two national Cyber Security strategies. Iain now advises global businesses on cyber security risk management. He also advises a number of small but perfectly formed cyber security businesses.

  • Cristobal Conde
    Cristobal Conde Advisor to the Board

Cris has been actively involved with early stage companies for many years, including Accel companies OpenGamma and Calastone, and is a senior member of the Partnership for NYC’s FinTech incubator for software companies.

Cris began as an entrepreneur in the FinTech world. He founded Devon Systems which he successfully sold to Sunguard in 1987. He then joined Sunguard, at the time the largest privately held business software and IT services company in the world, where he went onto become President and CEO until he stepped down in 2011.

Born in Santiago, Chile, Cris is a U.S. citizen and holds a B.Sc. in Astronomy and Physics from Yale University.

  • Jeff Parris
    Jeff Parris Advisor to the Board

During his early career Jeff was building Satellite Earth stations and running the world’s first trials of satellite telephone communications for passengers on long haul aircraft. Later in his career Jeff lead a number of international joint ventures involved in mobile communications. Jeff was also a founding board member and senior executive at Airwave, providing communications services to the public safety community.

Our technology

Our platform consists of two core pieces of technology: an identity based key management technology that allows organisations to take full control of data to achieve regulatory compliance; and a patented combined compression and encryption technique that improves data quality in an encrypted form for different network conditions. Our technology is easy to deploy, customise and integrate on any infrastructure or device.

Identity based key management technology

We use the MIKEY-SAKKE protocol, the standard for regulated enterprise and government communications. It enables decentralised key distribution, which allows organisations to have localised control of their communications data by hosting their own Key Management Servers (KMS) in multiple regions. This ensures maximum flexibility and enables organisations to be in control of their communications data and encryption keys for compliance and auditability. Organisations can also meet regional compliance requirements by deploying multiple KMS for each country they operate in.

Compression and Encryption

Traditional encryption does not allow optimisation of data without decryption. Our unique, patented combined compression and encryption software handles data efficiently in a fully encrypted form. On the server or in the network, data from high bandwidth connections can be optimised for a low bandwidth connection without decryption. End-to-end security is preserved throughout the network and data is kept secure throughout the delivery process, maximising protection against cyber attack.