Enable secure communications in your industry

Public sector

Public sector organisations can use our APIs and products to improve data security, quality and usability. Applications built with Ceerus APIs range from sensitive deployments for defence and national security, corporate communications across public sector as well as healthcare organisations to secure confidential patient data. Our technology and APIs can be applied in a wide range of IoT devices and sensors from CCTV cameras, body worn cameras to drones and Emergency Services communications. Ceerus APIs are built on open standards developed by the UK Government to promote affordability, commonality and interoperability across wider Government communications infrastructure.

Financial services

Whether you are a disruptive Fintech startup or a global financial services enterprise, we help you protect confidential and sensitive internal and external communications, secure your client’s data and simplify compliance with GDPR, MiFID II, PSD2 and other regulations. Secure by design applications and products can be built with Ceerus APIs and range from executive communications to organisation-wide deployments for employee and client communications. Ceerus APIs deployed in new and existing products significantly speed up route to market in regulated environments.