Ceerus Platform

Enabling products and services through rapid
API integration for regulated industries


We are building product integrations through APIs to help organisations speed up and simplify product development in regulated environments. We enable you to control your data and remove the worry of regulatory compliance so you can focus on your mission. Tested and proven to solve the most challenging US and UK national security problems, Ceerus Platform brings top-grade security to your daily communications apps and products.

The problem we are solving

Disruption in fintech is driven by fast moving startups (75% market share) building new and disruptive products through data sharing in enterprise environments. Regulations such as GDPR, MiFID II, and PSD2 present significant barriers to entry for challengers who still need to meet enterprise grade compliance. Furthermore, businesses are increasingly engaging with their customers through multiple channels that include social media and other consumer communication platforms with inconsistent security and compliance features. This makes it difficult for businesses to comply with regulations due to the lack of control of the data.

We enable rapid disruption using data while ensuring effective compliance, control and ownership of data for enterprises and individuals.


Improve your products to ensure security and regulatory compliance with secure-by-design features, powered by Ceerus.

Secure Messaging

End to end encrypted one-to-one and group messaging.

Secure Video

End to end encrypted video calls.

Secure Audio

End to end encrypted audio calls.

User management

Manage your users & get insights.

Quality and Security by Design

Ceerus platform has been built with data quality and security at its core. Forget frozen videos or patchy and unpredictable networks and enjoy smooth and secure calls and messaging. The Ceerus platform deploys patented combined compression and encryption technology in optimising data to the highest quality standards. We  keep your data secure by using proven encryption protocols AES-128, the global standard for enterprise grade encryption. To ensure encryption keys are handled and distributed securely, we use MIKEY-SAKKE, the ID-based standard for secure enterprise communications. Our servers are hosted in the UK data centres, backed by enterprise grade security tools to ensure the availability and integrity of all our communications. Our infrastructure has been independently validated and tested for security and resilience.